Art Calendar 2020   

For many years I wanted to make an art calendar. After several years of unsuccessful conversations with editors I decided to take the risk and make one by myself. Since then we are looking back to eight calendars "ANDALUSIA", one "FRIGILIANA" and like 2018 and 2019, 2020 is called ACUARELAS. The title shows José with his oxes which pull the carriage loaded with sugar cane. Formerly a common daily scene because sugar cane has been the most cultivated plant on the Costa del Sol.

On this ocasion I would like mention my fans who come to my studio or buy every year online. You are a big help. Again the price will be the same as its been all these years.

This calendar is offered only in the size of 30 by 21 cm.

A fantastic souvenir for those who visit Frigiliana, a perfect gift for those who like watercolours and Andalusia.

Price (normal 30 x 21 cm) 12,80 € + postage

Europe postage 3,50 and

Asia, America, Africa postage 8,00 Euros


 Calendar Pictures 2020